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We were the first to tell you Saturday night about the donation that Shelton and Ryman Hospitality Properties made to put some smiles on the faces of local kids.

We also got the scoop from Shelton himself about how he came up with the idea, and a few other things going on in his life..

When country music star Blake Shelton came to Tishomingo, his home town, he brought plenty of excitement Saturday night.

Despite freezing temperatures, fans come from all over to line up; for some, that meant traveling hundreds of miles and waiting in line for hours.

But it was all for a good cause; proceeds from the concert will help the City of Tishomingo.

“I’d like to take credit for a park but we already had one in Tishomingo,” Shelton said.

But what he can take credit for is donating $50,000 from his weekend concerts to make Pennington Park even better.

“Long story short, it’s hard to imagine right now as I’m freezing to death in Tishomingo, were going to add water park things to Pennington Park,” Shelton said.

He said he got the idea from a park he saw in Cincinnati, Ohio that was full of water slides and a river area, much like Pennington Creek that runs through the park.

Tishomingo Mayor Tom Lockey said he got a call from Shelton out of the blue a few weeks ago, and the city couldn’t be more grateful.

“I think it’s extremely special, and it shows to his character,” Lockey said.

But Shelton summed up his contribution with an aw-shucks sentiment.

“I’m kind of in a position where I’ve got the easy part,” he said. “I just say, ‘Hey I’m gonna do do these two shows and I’ll raise the money… then you city people figure out how to do this!”

The mayor’s not the only one who’s grateful for a star who hasn’t forgotten his roots.

“It’s really good for small towns, and it’s fun it’s going to be a destination… it already is,” said Blake Shelton fan John Moody. “So folks can come here and have good clean fun and clean music and enjoy this town.”

And it’s that music that keeps his fans coming back.

Mayor Lockey said they should have the first part of improvements to the Pennington Park splash pad finished by this summer. The water slides? That’s going to take a little longer to implement.

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